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Orphans' Court Rules and Forms


          Thank you for your interest in the Local Rules of the Armstrong County Courts.
Orphans’ Court Rules
• Fees for Court-Appointed Guardians of Medicaid Recipient   Download (pdf)
• Orphans' Court Rules   Download (pdf)

Orphans’ Court Forms
• Cover Sheet and Grid (L.O.C.R. 1.8(C))   Download (pdf)
• Petition for Adjudication-Statement of Proposed Distribution (PA O.C Rule 2.4)   Download (pdf)
• Decree Confirming Account and Approving and Directing Distribution (L.O.C.R 2.4.1)   Download (pdf)
• Notice of Filing of Account or Petition for Adjudication, Statement of Proposed    Distribution, and Proposed Decree (L.O.C.R 2.5.2)   Download (pdf)
• Preliminary Decree  Awarding Citation (L.O.C.R. 3.4)   Download (pdf)
• Praecipe to Transmit Record (L.O.C.R  3.5.1)   Download (pdf)
• Notice of Hearing for Appointment of Guardian of Minor (L.O.C.R 5.6.1)   Download (pdf)
• Notice of Filing Auditor's (Master's) Report (L.O.C.R 9.6.1)   Download (pdf)
• Preliminary Order for Appointment of Guardian of Incapacitated Person (L.O.C.R         14.2.1)   Download (pdf)
• Notice of Petition for Appointment of Guardian and Hearing (L.O.C.R. 14 2.2)   Download (pdf)
• Preliminary Order (Emergency Guardian) (L.O.C.R   14.2.4)   Download (pdf)